Thursday, September 30, 2010


Mia has been sick for a couple of days. You can't tell by looking at this picture. Jade has taken the floor as her residence for the past couple of nights. She has an extreme fear of getting thrown up on. It has only happened once before. But, I have a confession. Ryan and I both laughed when it happened. Jade freaks out if she coughs, gags, or even looks like there is a possibility. So when she is sick you can find her in a corner waiting for it to be over. Bless her.
If you notice Mia is wearing her bonnet from her baby blessing. Better late than never.
I was getting ready for work one morning and found them this way. Morning is tough on both of them and they have to comfort eachother.

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meg said...

Ahhhh! That's why we have sisters.