Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2 Days of Par-Tay's!!

The girls birthday in a nutshell.
Grandpa was great at a free purchase of leaves for the girls

Getting ready for the par-tay at Micheal's = exhaustion

Birthday Breakfast #1
Birthday Breakfast #2
Getting hair done 2 times

1 HaPpY moment of a week of preparation

1 Text to the mom saying "We didn't do it" = mommy throwing phone across the room

1 par-tay Fancy Nancy for 2 girls= the cutest kids I have ever seen

1 "death cake" + the look on mommy's flu like face = a cake mommy will never make again
= 2 happy girls that mommy would do it all over again.

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The Price Family said...

Nicole your girls are so dang cute! What a wonderful mom they have.